Degree in Mining Technology Engineering

Total ECTS Credits

240 ECTS Credits


   Graduates of this program will be equipped

  • with a professional profile based on Mining Engineering, underground excavations and materials for industry, extraction and use of mineral and hydrogeological resources and environmental techniques.

  • To able to take up career opportunities in companies involved in mining and use of mineral and energy resources such as mineral processing and metallurgy plants, design and construction of public works, including underground excavations, and in engineering disciplines that design geotechnical and geological projects for the execution of works of these types. They may also find openings in consultancy companies for research, valuation and management of surface and underground water for integrated, rational and sustained use, and in valuation and extraction of mineral resources and construction materials. A further, more obvious possibility is in specialized engineering disciplines in the restoration, recovery and control of highly affected natural areas. Graduates will have the qualifications to enter companies studying the design of hazard prevention plans and engineering disciplines studying the location of temporary or permanent disposal sites for urban, industrial, toxic or dangerous waste.


This degree includes two itineraries or specializations: Mining operations; Mineral processing and Minerallurgy.

Study Centre

Higher Technical School of Mining and Energy Engineerings of Madrid
Campus Madrid Ciudad
C/ Ríos Rosas, 21
28003 Madrid
91 336 70 71