Fragmentation by Blasting

FRAGBLAST is the worldwide forum for update in rock blasting and explosives engineering. Through history, the FRAGBLAST conferences (short for International Symposium on Rock Fragmentation by Blasting) have contributed an unparalleled combination of scientific advances and practical applications. FRAGBLAST is a unique forum to share knowledge, ideas and case histories; models, analysis tools and experiences that have attained a global diffusion were first presented in FRAGBLAST. The relevance of the FRAGBLAST conferences has made them prestigious events in the field of rock blasting and explosives engineering and their proceedings books are a must-have literature in the working desk of field engineers, consultants, researchers and scholars.

The FRAGBLAST Committee was affiliated in his first years to the International Society for Rock Mechanics as Commission on Fragmentation by Blasting. Today FRAGBLAST is a section of the International Society of Explosives Engineers. Its main objective is to promote the understanding of the explosive/rock interaction in all its aspects and the exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of blasting. The FRAGBLAST movement has been meeting regularly every three years approximately. In the spirit of being truly international, the FRAGBLAST Symposia have been shared among countries and continents through the years:

(1)         Luleå, Sweden, 1983

(2)         Keystone, USA, 1987

(3)         Brisbane, Australia, 1990

(4)         Vienna, Austria, 1993

(5)         Montreal, Canada, 1996

(6)         Johannesburg, South Africa, 1999

(7)         Beijing, China, 2002

(8)         Santiago, Chile, 2006

(9)         Granada, Spain, 2009

(10)     New Delhi, India, 2012

(11)     Sydney, Australia, 2015

(12)     … next in the row is Luleå, Sweden, 2018