Program Educational Objectives

In terms ofskills, competencies and general skills, it is established that the formation of Mining Engineering Program allows graduates to acquire, according to the knowledge acquired by the route taken, the following OBJECTIVES



  • OBJ1: Scientific and technical training and methodology for continuous recycling of knowledge and the exercise of professional duties consulting, analysis, design, estimating, project, planning, direction, management, construction, maintenance, preservation and exploitation in their field of  activity.


  • OBJ2: Understanding the multiple constraints of technical, legal and property arising in the design of a plant or facility, and ability to establish valid alternatives, choose the best and translate it properly, providing development problems, and using the most appropriate methods and technologies, both traditional and innovative, in order to achieve greater efficiency and promote the progress and development of sustainable society that respects the environment.


  • OBJ3: Knowledge, understanding and ability to implement the necessary legislation in the exercise of the profession of mining engineer.


  • OBJ4: Knowledge of Mining Engineering profession and the activities that can be performed in its field.


  • OBJ5: Knowledge to apply technical and managerial capabilities of R & D within its scope.


  • OBJ6: Capacity for exploration, research, modeling and assessment of geological resource deposits.


  • OBJ7: Ability to plan, design, supervise and direct holdings of deposits and other geological resources.


  • OBJ8: Ability to plan and manage energy resources, including generation, transmission, distribution and utilization.


  • OBJ9: Ability to study  land management and underground spaces.


  • OBJ10: Ability to plan, design and manage facilities mineral beneficiation and metallurgical plants, steel and construction materials industries.


  • OBJ11: Ability to plan, research, design groundwater abstractions and management, exploration, research and exploitation, including mineral waters and springs.


  • OBJ12: Ability to design and implement transportation facilities, distribution and storage of solids, liquids and gases.


  • OBJ13: Ability to assess and manage environmentally projects, sites or facilities.


  • OBJ14: Ability to design and implement water treatment and waste management (municipal, industrial and hazardous).


  • OBJ15: Ability to design and execute tunnels, underground works and spaces.


  • OBJ16: Ability to design, manage and direct the production, transportation, storage, handling and use of explosives and pyrotechnics.


  • OBJ17: Ability to apply business management skills and labor legislation.


  • OBJ18: Adequate knowledge of the scientific and technological aspects of mathematical methods, analytical and numerical engineering, fluid mechanics, continuum mechanics, calculus of structures, carbochemistry, petrochemical and geotechnics.


  • OBJ19: Ability to plan, design and manage plants and facilities of metallic, ceramic, sintered refractory and others.